10 Trillion People Have Squid Disease

What are the chances that you have squid disease? What the f*ck is squid disease? Squid disease is when someone grows 8 penises 1.25 meters long on their back. Now what are the chances you have squid disease?

There are a multitude of symptoms of early onset squid disease. Like most commonly growing one 1.25 meter penis on your back. If this happens, please see a doctor immediately. It may be urgent. Other symptoms such as premature ejaculation from the anal area may be present. Be cautious, but we assure you not to worry. It’s just ink.

So what are the chances you have squid disease? Well there’s 7 billion people on earth, and 10 trillion people with squid disease. The disease affects both men, and women, so that means that there is approximately around a 430,000% percent chance that you have this disease, and that squid disease is present in 1,428.5714285714 people for every 1 person on earth.

There currently are no cures for squid disease, except for what the doctors are calling a “Penile-ectomy” operation. However because my advertiser won’t pay me if I report anything that obscene, and foul I will not go into detail.

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